Revelation Theory – Truth Is Currency (CD)

So, let’s see. Revelation theory mixes Nickelback with Disturbed. “M367”, the first track on “Truth Is Currency”, is created with the same bi-polar structure that without much warning busts into something much more spastic and loud. The paradox here is that the music contained on the track is sweet and sensitive; the acoustic interlude during the track sounds much more Finger Eleven than Slayer. While it is true that this style of music is pretty much the only thing that is on hosts of rock stations, I’ll be damned if Revelation Theory do not put forth quite a few chestnuts during their “Truth is Currency”. One of these songs has to be “Slowburn”, which should instead be called “Flashpoint”. The reason why the song should be changed in that the band rapidly shifts from something middling into something that will drive any listener into a frenzy.

The proclamations of “Wake Up” show a maturation of sound that really can trace its origins in the pre-millennial work of Limp Bizkit. Fred Durst had an untamed fury that was as weak as it was inspirational; fast forward six years and the scientists in Revelation Theory have perfected the style into an art form. It would be unfair to try to lump Revelation Theory in with the bands that they share some sort of sound with; unlike their stylistic cousins in bands like Crossfade and Papa Roach, there is a freshness and directness to their style. The music just has a feeling around it that the band actually sat down in a studio and put the music to the disc enough times until they came up with the finished results, a far cry from the “perfect” sounding albums put forth in bulk. The fury of Revelation Theory is a definite reason for one to purchase “Truth Is Currency”, but the more sensitive side of the band has a pull all its own.

Take a listen to “Selfish and Cold”; this is not the hokey type of acoustic track that one can hear being poorly played in the dorms throughout America’s colleges but rather a nuanced, energetic track that moves from “rock” to “new classic” in the space of four short minutes. Forty minutes of music await the listener; each track on “Truth is Currency” could be conceivably heard on the radio, and will do just as much to uplift a listener’s soul as any inspirational movie or book. Revelation Theory will be the next big rock band.

Top Tracks: Loathe, Selfish and Cold

Rating: 7.3/10

Revelation Theory – Truth Is Currency / 2005 Element One Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 November 2005


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