Action Beat release limited edition version of Beatings

Truth Cult proudly presents a limited edition version (only 500 copies) of Action Beat’s second album, Beatings. This double CD package includes a disc of bonus track engineered by Javier at Brazil Studios, Madrid and Johannes Buff at Peppermint Park Studios, Hannover. The music was 100% improvised during two sessions. The release is also available on vinyl which comes in a gatefold sleeve with a download card for the album.

Presenting another whirlwind recording for the Bletchley boys Action Beat, with the follow up to their debut The Noise Band From Bletchley. Like its predecessor, Beatings was recorded at Southern Studios in just two days and this time with at least seven musicians, which is evident in the sheer verve and potency of the album. It would be an understatement to say the boys have lost none of their energy in the recording process. They have taken their perfected improvised noise formula, driven by magnetic interlocking guitar harmonies, pummelling drums and crashing symbols and ramped it up a notch, or three.

As with their first album, their musical influences such as The Ex and Sonic Youth are still proudly on display, particularly on the songs “Solgunn” and “Bergen to Bletchley”. Some of the other album tracks you may recognise if you have caught them at one of their umpteen live shows recently but Action Beat also pull out some original ‘never-been-played-before’ material, including the track “Daddy Why?” which builds upon the Krautrock-mantra of some of their older material and for the first time ever, utilises fitting male vocals (provided by House Of John Player). This is the sound of a band maturing. But fear not, for if it was Action Beat’s boisterousness that you always admired, that is still very prominent in the artwork.

Bonus CD Tracklisting:
1. Burn
2. Drum Heads
3. Le Prat
4. Oscillating on a Brain Freeze
5. Tap That
6. Krangs Body
7. Norrell House
8. Chugg
9. Terrifying Solo
10. Epic Beat

This limited edition version of the album will be released on CD in April.

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