Daniel Masson – Frequencies (CD)

World music has a number of distinct sounds and styles that comprise the overall genre, but Daniel Masson stands tall as one of the most unique musicians in the format. This is particularly true in his new album, “Frequencies”. From the first track, “Bluecolor” all the way out to the disc’s concluding cut, “The Backwaters”, there is no limitation to the different approaches and overall styles broached by Masson. “Jam at 2”, the disc’s second track”, has an innate grooviness present that wills tick with listeners long after the disc concludes. There is little more present during this track than the instrumentation and vocals, but the resulting sound is much larger than its constituent elements. “Pondi Night” is a track that succeeds based on the atmospheric sounds present.

With a tribal feel brought to the track, Masson turns “Pondi Night” into a representation of current Asia or Africa – part metropolis and part ancient, both track and civilizations will simply stun listeners. “Ajia Aje” is a late-disc track that will keep listeners focused in until the disc spins to a halt. This is due to the fact that an electronic arrangement is crafted that is moderated by the same sort of atmospheric feel presented on the first half of the disc. With the addition of a female set of vocals, Masson is able to keep the latter half of “Frequencies” fresh while keeping true to the different styles and approaches that are commonplace during the title.

“Flying” is the penultimate track on this release, straddling the line between the status quo created during the entirety of the current album and the number of distinct paths that Masson can take with future recordings. With a great many listens possible, “Frequencies” is one of those titles that contains something for everyone. Make sure to put in an order online or at your local well-stocked independent record store, and see exactly why Daniel Masson will be a force in world and electronic music for years to come.

Top Tracks: Bluecolor, Sofa on the River

Rating: 8.6/10

Daniel Masson – Frequencies (CD) / 2011 Self / 12 Tracks / http://www.danielmasson.net

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