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The Internet browsing experience is never complete without putting on some music. A rousing playlist, after all, sets the tone for not just your social networking activities, but for the entire day as well. The easy accessibility of music online allows you to get tons of free music downloads, and perhaps the most ideal source for such is Bearshare.

Bearshare presents a highly functional, user friendly interface for you to nab and discover music on the web. The software used, which is available for download on the website, lets you browse through the site’s massive database for songs, albums and artists – over 15 million tracks all in all. The best part is, a good chunk of the songs and albums offered are free.

Free and Purchased Songs

The main draw of Bearshare is the considerable amount of free songs available for download, covering pretty much all genres. So, no matter how mainstream or obscure your musical preferences are, you can find truckloads of free stuff. The software offers really fast downloads, especially for those with lightning quick Internet connections, as downloading a full length album takes only a few minutes to finish. To know more, just download the Bearshare program; it’s free, anyway.

Bearshare, unlike other online music platforms, allows you to download the songs you discover through the software, many of which are for free. The normally tedious act of discovering new or obscure songs is made easy by the program, given its comprehensive sorting function. Browse tracks through sing titles, artists, genres and mood. You can listen to each song of interest, until you stumble upon a plethora of great finds.

Not all the songs offered by Bearshare is free; in truth, there is a large volume of copyrighted content, which is only available for purchase. Music fans don’t have to worry, however, as each song is priced at only 99 cents a piece. Come to think of it, it’s only fair to purchase some of the songs, especially for artists that have yet to reach commercial success. Visit Bearshare to get a closer look at the songs offered by the platform.

Free and Premium Membership

Initially, upon downloading the Bearshare program, you’ll be asked to register an account – a free account, so don’t fret. The free account grants you access to a large mix of free and purchased songs, more than enough to keep an audiophile satisfied. You can collect multitudes of songs for each genre that you like, and you won’t have to pay for anything.

The premium membership, which comes with a cheap monthly subscription, gives you a lot of cool bonuses. For one, you’ll have more artists and songs to choose from, as if the default list isn’t enough. Downloads are also a lot faster. Given the massive collection of music at your disposal, filling your portable music player with songs will be the least of your worries. The software allows you to create multiple playlists, suiting your every mood, to boot. Head on to the Bearshare website to know more.

Music Videos Supported

For some people, listening to music isn’t enough; they need to have corresponding visuals that accompany the melodies – music videos in particular. Bearshare stores a good amount of videos. Lengthy ones, though, aren’t uploaded onto the site or software, since they take up too much space, space that is used for storing songs. Bearshare still holds a lot of videos, so there is a great possibility that you might find all the ones that you love or discover even better videos while you go through its music database.

Beyond Music

Bearshare doesn’t only offer free music downloads, it also gives music enthusiasts to communicate with one another. Downloading the software comes with access to the company’s own social networking site ala Facebook. There, you can meet hordes of audiophiles as you share the things that you listen to or discuss the latest albums released by different artists. It’s one big online music party, and you are invited once you register an account.

Like with some popular social networking sites, the Bearshare platform is equipped with an instant messaging system. You can bug the people you adore whenever they’re online and get suggestions for music, perhaps a date. Sharing songs with an online buddy is very much possible. Just browse through the list of songs and hit on the “Share this song with a friend” option. With the free music and online community that Bearshare delivers, it is a must-have application for every audiophile. Visit Bearshare to start boosting your music collection.

About the Site provides free music downloads, coming from a very large pool of tracks and artists for you to choose from. Through peer-to-peer file sharing, you can grab thousands with no trouble at all. To know more, just visit Bearshare.

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