Jay Aura – iParty EP (CD)

“I Won’t Remember Much!” is the first track on the iParty EP, and it immediately will hook listeners of individuals like Jay Sean, Taio Cruz, or even Owl City. With a blend of electronic and pop sounds present, “Remember Much” will ensure that listeners stick with Jay Aura through all of the four tracks on this EP. At a svelte three minutes, this track opens the iParty EP nicely and sets up fans for the second track, “Tonight I’m BAD”.

“Tonight I’m BAD” pushes the tempo to an entirely new level, bringing forth the immediacy of acts like Ke$ha and Usher to the release. With a chorus that is easily as much of an earworm as that heard on any pop radio station, I have little doubt in my mind that Jay Aura’s star will be rapidly rising as listeners happen upon this EP. Ending quickly with the same intense focus the track opened with, “Tonight I’m BAD” keeps the disc spinning at a breakneck speed. “Oh Babyyy” is a sea change of sorts for Jay Aura, moving more into a Cobra Starship sound.

The track combines the instrumental and musical sides of things nicely, with the effects on Jay’s voice providing further harmony to an already hook-laden arrangement. While the four tracks on the iParty EP will be eaten up by the tween and teen sets, Jay Aura gives it his all and makes these tracks just as impressive to the older generations. For example, the final track on the iParty EP (“Let’s Take the Night”) has a slinky style reminiscent of newer Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, with an R&B influence that takes a step from Flo Rida and Kevin Rudolf. Keep an eye out for a full-length recording (hopefully coming later in 2011) and for any live dates that may be on the horizon – Jay Aura is the next big thing in pop music.

Top Tracks: I Won’t Remember Much!, Oh Babyyy

Rating: 8.4/10

Jay Aura – iParty EP (CD) / 2011 Self / 4 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/JayAuraPop

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