Every Day (Blu-Ray)

For a great many, marriage is one of the most difficult things to succeed in. Whether it is making sure things stay interesting or that you provide the right amount of love to your better half, marriage is hard to perfect. Every Day is a film about these problems, and contains some interesting and unique characters. Ned (Live Schreiber) has a job writing for a television drama, all while hating eir job, while eir wife Jeannie (Helen Hunt) is saddled with taking care of eir enfeebled father.

Jeannie’s brother rounds out the main cast as a similarly ill-situated individual. Not feeling fine with eir homosexuality, the drama begins with storyline. Every Day’s main arc comes into its own as Robin (Carla Gugino) begins to shake up the status quo and play for Ned’s romantic attention. With all these characters being pulled every which way, the drama begins to increase. A couple is being torn apart, a father is dying, and there seems to be no script for Ned to follow to ensure that ey is being a good and faithful husband, lover, and human being. The different motivations for each character make sense to viewers; where the film could definitely rely on over the top storylines and sentimentality, Every Day tells it how it is (or would be, if these people were real).

There are a few additional features that Image has placed onto this Blu-Ray. Key of these has to be the different interviews conducted with the cast, which runs close to fifteen minutes. Secondly, there are eight minutes of deleted scenes that further flesh out the film’s story line. The video and audio quality of Every Day is superb, ensuring that it takes advantage of everything that the Blu-Ray format has to offer. With availability at about the $16 mark on online retailers, there is no reason to pick up this tremendously funny and compelling comedy.

Rating: 8.1/10

Every Day (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Image / 93 Minutes / http://www.image-entertainment.com

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