Obits – Moody, Standard, and Poor (CD)

The Obits’ first album was 2009’s I Blame You, an album that distinguished the band considerably from Hot Snakes, Rick (lead’s) prior band. 2011 brings the release of a new album, Moody, Standard, and Poor. Moody, Standard, and Poor brings forth a considerably different sides to The Obits, while linking each of the album’s 12 tracks to the band’s prior releases. The album starts out with “You gotta Lose”, a track that immediately immerses listeners in the band’s new styles.

While not a microcosm of the approaches that the Obits will present listeners with over the entirety of the disc, “You Gotta Lose” is a strong and confident introduction to the band. The momentum is ratcheted up further with the disc’s second cut, “I Want Results”. With a tad bit more introspection present in the lyrics, Obits ensure that the disc continually keeps listeners’ interest. “Spot the Pikey” is a great divider for the two sides of “Moody, Standard, and Poor”.

The track’s short (100 second) runtime is properly energizing, giving listeners the oomph needed to cross the finish line. Where it is incredibly common for disc’s to begin to pack things in at about the half-way mark, Obits’ work on “Moody, Standard, and Poor” kicks into high gear. It is really during tracks like “New August” and “Beggin’ Dogs” where the band truly finds their groove. With “I Blame Myself” closing things up, the Obits create an album that is cogent and cohesive without forcing the band to compromise or fall into an expected sound. Check it out; the Obits are fresh and fun, without showing any weakness.

Top Tracks: You Gotta Lose, Everything Looks Better In The Sun

Rating: 8.5/10

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