Sharktopus (DVD)

Viewers have to understand that Sharktopus is not a movie that takes itself seriously. When viewers do that, they can begin to know what makes it such a fun flick. This new Roger Corman-produced film begins with a shark / octopus hybrid breaking free from the Navy and beginning to wreak havoc on a surfer’s haven in Mexico. In the desire to restore order, a number of Navy troops are charged with trying to bring back the Sharktopus, dead or alive.

In a blend of Jaws and other beach-based films that brought terror to the typically tranquil scenery, Sharktopus is terrifying, humorous, and will keep viewers on the edge of their seats through the film’s hour and a half runtime. The only thing that could be seen as a drawback during Sharktopus has to be the mugging that a number of cast provide the camera. While lead Eric Roberts tries to keep things a little more on the serious side, the fact that there is not a unified feel between the different members of the cast makes this title a little bit uneven.

However, there is no reason why fans of cheesy horror flicks should not pick up Sharktopus. It walks the line between satire and serious perfectly, and will be a welcome addition to the library of anyone that is a fan of the genre. Anchor Bay has done a tremendous job of transferring the original print to DVD, ensuring that both video and audio sides of the release are extremely sharp. Here’s to hoping Corman comes forth in the next few years with a similarly-strong slate of films; it’s been too long since ey has brought eir own unique brand of film to the forefront.

Rating: 8.0/10

Sharktopus (DVD) / 2011 Anchor Bay / 89 Minutes /

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