Teen Wolf (Blu-Ray)

Teen Wolf is one of those modern day classics that I continually find myself coming back to watch whenever I find it on a channel. It is also one of the few traditional horror type (mummy, wolfman, vampire) of films that I can actually watch through. However, I may not have to do that anymore with the release of Teen Wolf on Blu-Ray this month. This Blu-Ray release is value priced (online retailers have it available for under $15) and contains a number of additional features. The feature film is absolutely stunning in the Blu-Ray format, with a sharpness to the video print that has not been seen since its original theatrical run.

This sharpness is paralleled well in the audio print, which reduces a great deal of the audio fuzz that was present on television and cable airings of the film. The larger scenes just sound proper – the basketball scene sounds as if viewers are honestly watching Michael J. Fox in a high school gymnasium. For those that wish to get a better context for the world in which Teen Wolf was released, take a gander at the additional features that are present.

The original theatrical trailer is here on the Blu-Ray disc, as is a few-minute view into the Teen Wolf TV series that aired soon after the movie hit theaters. Teen Wolf is a quaint bit of eighties cinema that is bolstered nicely through its inclusion on the Blu-Ray format. Make it a point to pick up a few releases from each of the waves that MGM are pushing out this spring and summer; with a little luck, they can transfer a great part of their voluminous vault at a pace even exceeding that of the transfer from VHS to DVD.

Rating: 8.2/10

Teen Wolf (Blu-Ray) / 2011 MGM / 91 Minutes / http://www.mgm.com

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