The Asylum Session (DVD)

Few films that are created for the 3D market really seem to shine in regards to storyline. However, The Asylum Session does not require parlor tricks or other googahs to keep viewers interested. This hour-long title surrounds the actions taken by a number of homeless youths that take residence in a stadium. Creating community and a sense of family amongst the members of The Asylum, plans to tear down the edifice have to be stopped. Hiyoko is the main character in The Asylum Session, being forced to pull up stakes after eir father shoots down eir desired occupation – an artist. Coming into The Asylum, the quickness in which ey acclimates is incredible. While eir father may have been a large role in eir life, Hiyoko’s family and friends are those inhabitants of The Asylum.

The Asylum Session captures these events and more, and is captured in a world that seems drastically different than ours. There does not seem to be the immediate shift from peace to war in The Asylum Session, despite the possibility that Akira and eir friends may be forced out of the only stability that they have. The video quality of The Asylum Session is sharp, ensuring that none of the action is missed, while the sub-titles ensure that the beauty of the film, voices, and music is captured with nary a flaw.

Sentai have released a feature film in The Asylum Session that will be kept in DVD players long after viewers take in the flick. While there is a considerable amount of time between current life and the life in which Hiyoko is living, I feel that the message crafted here is something that can be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to tune in.

Rating: 8.3/10

The Asylum Session (DVD) / 2011 Sentai Filmworks / 65 Minutes /

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