Earth & The Next Society – Live Earth (CD)

Earth & The Next Society – Live Earth (CD) / 2011 Self / 5 Tracks /

“Golden Age” is the first track on Live Earth, and the confident guitar work that opens up the album will immediately ensnare listeners. While the presence of a nearly six minute track may be a hard hurdle for some bands to hop, Earth & The Next Society craft a song that is as solid-sounding as any studio recording while capturing some of the unique allure that is present in a live setting. “The Art of Believing” is a track that furthers this sound, with a live crowd perfectly highlighting the band’s strengths. The progressive metal guitar lines open up to a tremendously emotive set of vocals. The aforementioned vocals do more than just lay out the track’s narrative.

Rather, these tracks add to harmonies already present and make the overall effort by Earth & The Next Society that much stronger. Where the first two tracks on the EP seem to follow well, I like the shift to the status quo that is created during “People (Light and Love)”.The drums take the focal point during this track, as the band has a substantially grittier and harder sound.

With sizzling guitar work, Earth & The Next Society get bluesy, a little funky, and will keep listeners interested through the second half of “Live Earth”. As was the case with previous efforts, “People” is lengthy but needs to be; the band fills the song full of different lines, influences, and overall styles to create a fully unique and new take on rock music. “What Will You Do”, the disc’s penultimate track, should be played for anyone that wants to understand whom Earth & The Next Society are; the eclecticism present in this track cannot be pigeonholed.

The album finishes with as much power and energy as it started. While I was not too familiar with Earth & The Next Society before picking up “Live Earth”, I want to understand more of the bands work.

Top Tracks: The Art of Believing, What Will You Do

Rating: 8.4/10

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