Glee: Encore (Blu-Ray)

I find that there are two distinct types of fans of Fox’s Glee. There is a decided side of the fans that like the show for the narrative quality it contains, and there are those people that are much larger fans of the musical numbers that the cast does. Glee: Encore is a DVD (and Blu-Ray) release that captures just these musical numbers, excising any of the plot or other narrative bits of the show. The track list that is covered here is pretty exhaustive, moving from rock (Don’t Stop Believin’, Any Way You Want It), to pop (No Air, Like a Virgin), and even R&B/rap (Gold Digger).

The quality of each of numbers seems to be amped up further from even the original air date; the Blu-Ray does well given the perfectly mastered songs and vibrant colors of the set and cast clothing. The sales of the Glee: Encore release are vitally important for the possibility of other releases being done in this fashion. With the second season just about ready to end (the second season finale is on May 24th), make sure to pick up this release and relive some of the best cuts from this musical-energized teen dramedy.

Where it would seem as if this release would be a little on the short side, Fox has included every meaningful musical track, giving viewers nearly two and a half hours of footage to sink their teeth into. With a price at around $15 at a number of online retailers, there is no reason why Gleeks should not pick up a copy of this Blu-Ray (or DVD, if you so choose) today. I know I’ll be keeping this release on whenever I’ve got housework or other chores.

Rating: 8.1/10

Glee: Encore (DVD) / 2011 Fox / 142 Minutes /

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