LAKE OF BLOOD: Announce Summer Tour w/VESTIGES

June 9 Olympia, WA @ TBA

June 10 Seattle, WA @ Autonomia

June 11 Vancouver, BC @ Garbage Mountain

June 12 Portland, OR @ TBA

June 13 Salem, OR @ The Wasteland

June 14 Sacramento, CA @ TBA

June 15 Oakland, CA @ Yourhaus/Hazmat

June 16 Santa Cruz, CA @ Forest Show

June 17 San Fransisco, CA @ Sub-Mission Art Gallery

June 18 Garden Grove, CA @ The Cabin

June 19 San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe

June 20 Las Cruces, NM @ Trainyard

June 21 Eagle Pass, TX @ 3759 Tina Dr.

June 22 Austin, TX @ The Broken Neck

June 23 Shreveport, LA or Birmingham, AL @ TBA

June 24 Chattanooga, TN @ TBA

June 25 Raleigh, NC @ TBA

*As Time and Tide Erodes Stone Tracklisting:*
1. Proxigean Arcanum
2. Destroyer of Vices

Haagr – throat
Nordic – guitar
Samael – guitar
Krajavic – bass
Xsithis – drums

In the summer of 2007, five individuals collected in southern Los Angeles, California with the intention of creating raw, aggressive black metal. This collaboration of minds, now known as LAKE OF BLOOD consummated its existence with few, select live performances before entering the studio in January 2008 to begin the first recording. Heed the Primal Calling, the debut EP, released in July 2008 on Milkweed Records, is composed of four songs, woven together through a concept of a man awakening, without identity or companion, in a environment without evidence of modern man’s destructive footprint, to face existence and survive as part of the natural order. Heed the Primal Calling was quickly followed in 2009, with a split CD release, collaborating with Kentucky-based anarcho black metal project, Panopticon. The split, containing one new track, “Eternal in my Domain” and two live cuts from HTPC, was released through Lundr Records, owned and operated by the sole member of Panopticon, A. 2010 was a year of adversity and accomplishment. The recording of the impending full length release, As Time and Tide Erodes Stone, transpired in arduously long sessions, in the pouring rain of January. Following the recording, internal tensions in the group increased, leading to the departure of two members. Determined not to allow the death of the group and to avoid any halt in productivity, the void within the body of the band was not only filled but over flowing. A metamorphosis of great advancement occurred. The reformation gave birth to a stronger, far more homogeneous organism. The release of As Time and Tide Erodes Stone on March 28th (via Human Jigsaw Records) marked the beginning of the new assemblage.

Guitarist Eric Netto explained the band’s message thusly: “We’re a socially conscious band and our lyrics and music reflect and express our overall distrust and disgust for the modern world. We use the band as a vessel to help express this with as much aggression as possible to help represent how we see the “modern world” – as chaos. We definitely take a more natural approach at black metal without the heavy corpse paint, leather, and bullet belts simply because we already noticed that a handful bands within black metal have that taken care of. We want the music to do the talking, and keep our images as far away from the emotions we’re trying to express while we play as possible. We embrace men.

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