Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (CD)

Ritchie Blackmore is an absolute legend when it comes to metal. Deep Purple has influenced thousands, if not tens of thousands of bands since their inception, and Blackmore has continued to evolve since eir years in the band. Blackmore’s Night is the union between Ritchie and Candice Night, and begins with a cover of the One More Time hit, “Highland”. The track is retooled considerably, and represents one of three distinct covers to grace “Autumn Sky”. A Kinks cover (“Celluloid Heroes”) and a Nordman track (“Journeyman (Vandraren)”) work perfectly with the duo’s own tracks. Blackmore’s Night start off “Autumn Sky” with a set of four tracks that top the twenty-minute mark. While lesser acts would not be able to keep listeners’ attention with these cuts, there are so many additional features and musical twists and turns that listeners cannot help but be mesmerized by the band’s output. Blackmore’s Night is the perfect blend of past, perfect, and future.

The disc takes a different turn in its latter quarter; a number of traditional songs are modernized and otherwise modified to close out the effort. These tracks include “Darkness”, “Dance of the Darkness”, and end with “Barbara Allen”. They provide a perfect way to close up shop, along with possibly hinting towards the type of music that will be present on later albums.

Blackmore’s Night contributes volumes to orchestrated metal, and does so in a way that is continually interesting and effective throughout the entirety of the disc. If you like Blackmore’s Deep Purple work or melodic metal in the slightest, there should be no reason that you do not pick up “Autumn Sky” or Blackmore’s Night’s other albums.

Top Tracks: Vagabond (Make A Princess Of Me), Keeper Of The Flame

Rating: 7.6/10

Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (CD) / 2011 Universal / 15 Tracks /

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