Cars 2 Soundtrack (CD)

I have little doubt in my mind that Cars 2 is going to be the biggest childrens’ movie of the summer. Regardless of what is present in the movie and what tracks are used, the flick is going to go gangbusters. However, Disney has created a soundtrack that further revs up the film, and will be some part of the reason why the film will do so well. The score is composed by Michael Giacchino, who has become known in recent years for eir work on Mission Impossible III, Ratatouille and Super 8. Giacchino is able to properly approximate the overall feel of Cars 2 with little more than eir orchestra. Interspersed with the original compositions by Giacchino are a few new tracks from today’s hottest artists.

Perhaps most interesting on the Cars 2 Soundtrack would have to be Weezer’s covers of the Cars track “You Might Think”. As an aside, the song succeeds because of the comparisons that can be made from Weezer and the Cars. The non-score tracks continue their successful run with the inclusion of Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams tracks (“Nobody’s Fool” and “Collision of Worlds” respectively). In a dark horse way, I feel that the Benabar track “Mon Coeur Fait Vroum” may be a pinnacle for the soundtrack. The catchy nature of the track will have listeners singing along long after the soundtrack has ended.

Cars 2 has just been released, so make it a point to see it in movie theaters and see exactly how the soundtrack’s 24 cuts highlight and otherwise modify what is one of the better children’s films to come out in 2011. Weezer, Paisley, Williams, Benabar and Michael Giacchino unite to create a stellar release.

Top Tracks: Collision of Worlds, Cranking Up The Heat

Rating: 8.4/10

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