Killer Yacht Party (DVD)

Killer Yacht Party is an absolutely absurd flick, but that is not a bad thing. Where a great deal of horror movies end up taking themselves too seriously, Killer Yacht Party is able to intersperse humor with horror in a highseas whodunit. The film starts off innocently, with a party being held on a yacht. As things begin to reach a fever pitch, deaths start occurring. Keeping things varied, the method in which the deaths occur will have viewers scratching their heads as to who actually committed the on-screen brutalities. The twists and turns that Killer Yacht Party takes provide viewers with a rollercoaster ride that runs through the course of an hour and a half.

The video print of Killer Yacht Party is very sharp for the DVD format, while the audio track that is present allows for every scream, brooding moment, and other horror staple to be accurately recreated. Killer Yacht Party is not a film that is going to go boldly where other films haven’t been, but I feel that this is a great part of its allure. The crew does a tremendous job in creating a film that straddles the edge between reality and pure fantasy, with a cast that consists of a number of up and coming acts. Killer Yacht Party originally was released in 2006, but there is still a vibrancy and freshness to the film that will impress viewers that pick up the film today. Check out the slate of films that Troma is releasing through this summer and fall; I believe that there will be a number of different releases that are of the same quality as Killer Yacht Party.

Rating: 7.2/10

Killer Yacht Party (DVD) / 2011 Troma / 85 Minutes /

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