Kung Fu Dunk (DVD)

Kung Fu Dunk is one of those otherworldly types of movies that will ultimately turn out to be a great popcorn muncher. In Kung Fu Dunk, Fang Shijie (Jay Chou) is trained at the highest caliber by the best masters of kung fu. After being removed from eir schooling, Fang is required to make something of eirself. To do this, ey takes a spot on a college basketball team.

Where the reflexes and skillset required for kung fu is remarkably similar for basketball, the parallels become even more acute as eir team is put up against a squad that is known for their bad and harmful play. Kung Fu Dunk has a little something for everyone; while I particularly like the film’s ability to slightly sweeten real life happenings, the crazy students put forth by Chou here are nothing to scoff at.

There are a few additions that Well Go has placed onto this DVD. Beyond the theatrical trailer, there is an option to turn English dubs on, an interview with Chou eirself, and a considerable Behind the Scenes feature to properly contextualize what is going on. Make sure to pick up a copy of Kung Fu Dunk at your local well-stocked independent film store, or see if a trip to Netflix would be in the cards – all I know is that you will seriously dig this film, be you a fan of basketball, kung fu, or just of solid movies in the slightest.

Rating: 8.1/10

Kung Fu Dunk (DVD) / 2011 Well Go / 99 Minutes / http://www.wellgousa.com

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