N-Secure (Blu-Ray)

N-Secure is a film that shows the breakdown of neat freak David Washington (Cordell Moore). With every action in eir life being required to be scheduled in advance, it only is a matter of time before eir girlfriend Robin (Essence Atkins) needs a little love. David ultimately proposes to Robin (being the right thing to do rather than being purely out of passion), a move that further alienates Robin. The coldness and planned-out nature of life turns Robin into the arms of another man, Isaac (Lamman Rucker). Isaac is in a relationship as well, which begins to further whip up the tension and energy in the film. With everything falling down around him, David’s actions become much more harried and short-sighted.

N-Secure’s dramatic tension and energy will be eaten up eagerly by any fan of Soul Food or The Game.

The Blu-Ray release of N-Secure brings a crisp and sharp video transfer alongside a smart audio track; colors look lush while still seeming realistic.

There are a few additional features that are present in the Blu-Ray edition of N-Secure. Key of these features would have to be the 22-minute featurette “Inside N-Secure”. This is a valuable addition for anyone that wishes to gain a little context for the film from the individuals that were the most involved with it. The second addition is a small teaser for the upcoming film Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son. N-Secure is the perfect example of good cinema being released completely under the radar. Kudos has to go out to Fox for giving this film additional life, along with a perfect transfer over to the Blu-Ray format.

Rating: 7.6/10

N-Secure (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / 115 Minutes / http://www.fox.com

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