Stargate Universe: Season 2 – The Complete Final Season (DVD Set)

This DVD captures the final season of the Stagate phenomenon, and was the final season broadcasted of Stargate Universe. The show was stuck between a rock and a hard place, though – it broke free of the limitations that previous seasons of Stargate had placed on itself while keeping things fresh. Where there was a shift to a more character-driven (rather than storyline-driven) episodes, the show seemed to contain some of the smartest writing present on TV. While this was a Sci-Fi show, there was a sense that the current world could conceivably fall into the Stargate Universe at some point.

Where this season of Stargate Universe starts on a slow burn with episodes following the conclusion of the “Intervention” story arc, the dramatic tension is ratcheted up considerably as the season begins to spin to a halt. Beginning with the Andy Mikita-written Blockade, the fate of the Destiny and its crew becomes to be questioned. Where the drones lock down any stars for the Destiny to recharge at in Blockade, Eli decides to risk eir ship in taking a charge from a blue supergiant. Stranding the rest of the crew on a deserted planet, it is only a matter of time until the drones close up all possible escape options. “Gauntlet”, the series finale, has Eli put the crew into a three-year freeze in the hope that they make it to another galaxy safely.

Hopefully strong sales of this DVD set will be enough to restore production on the Stargate Universe movie, which will end the series in a proper fashion. If this does not happen, the DVD set released this year acts as a perfect capstone for one of the longest-running television franchises in history.

Rating: 8.2/10

Stargate Universe: Season 2 – The Complete Final Season (DVD Set) / 2011 Fox / 880 Minutes /

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