The Von Ehrics – Two Foot Stomp (Lucky Buck)

Like pairing a Sex Pistols t-shirt with a pair of old cowboy boots, Dallas-based band The Von Ehrics play cow punk in a way that everyone from Willie to Glen Matlock would approve off. Fast, raucous and loud, Two Foot Stomp finds the band at its finest with the release of their fourth album.

You can still hear a slight twang in Robert Jason Vandygriff’s vocals that sound simply sublime when he’s delivering lines like “When I die I may not go to heaven/I don’t know if they let cowboys in/If they don’t just let me go to Texas/Texas is as close as I’ve been,” in their cover of Texas (When I Die).

The band has built a reputation on legendary live shows, but their songwriting has finally caught up to their stage antics, and Two Foot Stomp is proof with some of their best songs so far (“Goodbye/The Ride” and the Johnny Cash-ish “Down the Road Tonight” are worth the price of the album alone).

Don’t mess with The Von Ehrics!

Top tracks: “Goodbye/the Ride” and “Down the Road Tonight”
The Von Ehrics – Two Foot Stomp/12 Tracks/2011/Lucky Buck

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