White Collar Season 2 (DVD Set)

After Monk ended its run, I really did not think that USA was going to have any sort of show to fill the void. After watching the first season of White Collar, I believe that I was wrong – White Collar shows that there are cable shows that (at the very least) can approach the quality of writing and acting of network shows. Lead actor Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) still is eir suave and debonair self, while there is an additional level of emotion created due to the last-season death of eir girlfriend. The second season provides additional plot twists for this storyline, as “Under the Radar” begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding it. “Power Play”, the episode that immediately preceded this season finale, is similarly strong. In this episode, Peter and Neal switch identities in the hope that they can ferret out the baddies.

Aside from the entirety of the second season, this DVD set contains a number of additional features. For example, there is a behind the scenes featurette into the character that is Mozzie, while the gag reel showcases a number of the bloopers that are present in the filming process. Couple these additions with two “Roasts” – in which the cast of White Collar and Burn Notice roast each other – and there is a considerable amount of time that viewers can sink into the show beyond the actual episodes.

Added together, the episodes and the featurettes combine to create a solid box set. Available at many online retailers for a hair under $30, the content of White Collar Season 2 should keep viewers busy until the next new episode airs (the season premiere, “On Guard” hit air waves on June 7th). Pick it up today.

Rating: 7.9/10

White Collar Season 2 (DVD Set) / 2011 Fox / 395 Minutes / http://www.fox.com

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