Anthony Robustelli – Another Fatal Blow (CD)

There is a laid-back, funky type of interpretation of the blues on “Another Fatal Blow”. Robustelli comes out blending Lenny Kravitz with Jameroquoi, with a track like “Poppa Don’t Think” adding just enough in the way of electronic influence to keep things interesting. The style of “Poppa Don’t Think” is very radio-friendly, and could easily make Robustelli big on the alternative rock stations throughout the United States. However, instead of milking that general sound for all it is worth, Robustelli also moves into a slower style at points.

This is best heard during “Strollin’”, a strung-out track that halves the speed of “Poppa Don’t Think” while still using the same smart arrangements that made the first track such an easy listen. The slower tempo does speed up during the chorus, which is perhaps the smartest thing that Robustelli could have done. This is because oftentimes, the meandering, slower sound of tracks acts like quicksand for artists that go down that road. Bands are rarely able to restore the music to its former glory afterwards. However, Robustelli avoids falling into that rut and keeps individuals wanting to hear more. The faster, Stevie Wonder-like introduction to “Half A Chance” is yet another direction that Robustelli takes on the album. The guitar line, while funky, differentiates itself from the overused Santana type of guitar influence. By not using that type of sound, the guitars seem to mesh better with the funkier instrumentation on the track.

The more laid-back crooning of Robustelli during this track reminds me of Billy Preston, and I know that I would not wonder why the track is on that same type of radio station if it was played if I was in the car. “So Far Removed” is yet another strong track by Robustelli. It is not the instrumentation on the track as much as the vocals that will really get individuals amped up for the rest of the disc. The higher registers reached by Robustelli on “So Far Removed” have little comparison on this disc, and it is the use of this specialized vocal style that make the track the hit that it is. Robustelli shows with “Another Fatal Blow” that ey is one of the few individuals that are actually able to put fourteen tracks on a disc and not have the album suffer. I was not familiar with Robustelli before the album came out, but I am glad that I got this CD for review. A very solid, soulful sound is present on this album that resounds as well today as it did all those years ago.

Top Tracks: Your Other Plan, Go Along

Rating: 6.1/10

Anthony Robustelli – Another Fatal Blow / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks / / Reviewed 05 June 2007


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