Christopher Titus – Neverlution (CD)

Christopher Titus is the perfect example of a comedian that has brief brushes with fame but nothing that has been sustained. Titus, eir television show, ran for 3 seasons at the beginning of the millennium. Eir other comedy albums, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding and Love is Evol, have been tremendously emotional and killer pieces of comedy.

Neverlution was originally filmed in 2010 in Montreal, Canada. This presentation places together bits and pieces for fans, until that point when Titus’ self comes into clear view. While ey riffs on certain situations and the current status of the United States, there always is a certain personal-based approach to the album. In wanting to change the United States, there is a sense that Titus is not happy with where ey is at as a person; the United States stands in quite nicely for eirself. This meta approach to comedy was originally present in Titus’ television show, and has evolved quite nicely in the years since then.

Neverlution is Titus’ latest effort, and is a bundled package – the album was released on June 28th, while the show originally aired on Comedy Central on July 3rd. The album is available in all music stores and digital outlets along with the rest of Titus’ corpus.
Make it a point to watch or listen to an uncensored version of Neverlution. While primetime replays of the show will be censored, late night airings (as well as this CD) will showcase Titus’ versatility as well as allowing viewers to titter at any bad words dropped. Titus is one of the few comedians currently performing that does not allow eirself to be unnecessarily filtered; while not present on Neverlution, eir latest comment about Sarah Palin showcases a pointed edge that simply is not found with other comedians on the road.

Rating: 6.7/10

Christopher Titus – Neverlution (CD) / 2011 Comedy Central Records / 90 Minutes /

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