Dan Sartain – The Legacy of Hospitality (CD)

Dan Sartain has been crafting eir own unique style since 2001; “The Legacy of Hospitality” is eir seventh album, and showcases more of the same compelling skill that made eir last albums must-have. “Atheist Funeral” begins this album of rarities and otherwise forgotten tracks, providing listeners with that little bit of energy to keep them hanging on. Particular high notes during this album have to include “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”, a cut that links together distinct periods of eir career, and “Doin’ Anything I Say”, a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads like the catchiest pop song. Whether it is a more blues, rockabilly, or punk-tied song, Sartain’s efforts here all are intense and throw out feelers to eir other tracks, both newer and older.

Dan Sartain fills The Legacy of Hospitality with a tremendous amount of distinct musical styles, approaches, and overall sounds; what results is a compelling, eclectic album that will stay in listeners’ CD players for months to come. If you were a fan of Sartain’s in the past, listen to the rest of eir discography after focusing on “Legacy” for an entirely new context in which to enjoy the title. As 9 of these 21 tracks have never been released on CD before, there is no reason why fans interested in Sartain should pass up this release. A greatest hits you’ve never heard, The Legacy of Hospitality will provide listeners with enough Sartain to keep them happy until ey makes it to a venue around your area, or provides fans with a few additional tracks. Do not pass this up.

Top Tracks: Atheist Funeral, I Don’t Wanna Go to The Party

Rating: 8.2/10

Dan Sartain – The Legacy of Hospitality (CD) / 2011 One Little Indian US / 21 Tracks / http://www.onelittleshop.com /

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