G.H. Mumm De Cramant (Champagne)

We were lucky enough to receive this bottle of G.H. Mumm De Cramant before the Fourth of July. We chilled the bottle and served it to a number of the NeuFutur reviewing crew, and were able to pull a number of different notes and sides to this champagne.

The G.H. Mumm De Cramant was first bottled in 1960, and benefits through the presence of Chardonnay grapes in a Blanc de Blancs style. There is a crispness that is present that works well with the fruit flavors that come forth both in the nose and in the actual taste. Lemon and orange present themselves alongside the bubbles, while there is a little bit of sweetness present at points to provide further complexity for the Mumm De Cramant. Also present in each sip is a floral side that plays at the top; along with the aforementioned fruit notes, a bit of grapefruit astringency is present.

At around $50 to $75 a bottle, there is no reason that you should not pick it up whenever you get some good news or just wish to turn a date or a dinner into something very special. I would suggest pairing the Mumm De Cramant alongside different fish or seafood offerings. While not traditional, I want to purchase a bottle and see how it works alongside a sushi dinner – I believe the fresh fish flavor alongside the daikon and orange offered at the end of the course would be a good way to examine the additional complexities present in this champagne.

Rating: 9.6/10

G.H. Mumm De Cramant (Champagne) / http://www.mumm.com

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