Kickstart Your Health with Dr. Neal Barnard (DVD)

With all the coverage that we give to supplements, it begins to slip our mind that there are a number of great videos released every month. Furthermore, there are some solid videos that focus on individual-level health. Kickstart Your Health, a video produced by Detroit’s DPTV and hosted by Dr. Neal Barnard, is one of the best ones that we have seen.

This hour-long video gives viewers a three-week plan that will increase the mental, physical, and emotional health of anyone that follows the plan. The most surprising thing about Kickstart Your Health is that it immediately focuses on diet, at a period where many diets look to top each other in terms of craziness. Barnard’s diet is one that actually makes sense – focus one’s diet on low-fat and fiber-heavy foods that will fill up a dieter immediately and keep them full throughout the day. After getting a diet squared away, Barnard moves to providing viewers with a listing of foods that will amp up an individual’s metabolism until the next meal. Eating better, getting one’s body to be more responsive; Barnard’s plan during Kickstart Your Health is grounded well in current literature without forcing viewers to buy anything more than the food that will sustain them.

If you would like more information about Kickstart Your Health, make it a point to pick up this DVD. Should you require additional material beyond that, Dr. Barnard released a book entitled 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart that will go into further detail about the topics and instructions that are given in Kickstart Your Health. Along with what Barnard describes here, a small amount of fitness and other exercise activities will be what ensures that you can lose the weight and keep it off for a long time.

Rating: 8.5/10

Kickstart Your Health with Dr. Neal Barnard / 2011 DPTV / 60 Minutes /

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