L.A.’s Emporer X posts Carmageddon video “Sig Alert”

Los Angeles resident Emperor X is cloistered in an Eastside warehouse
finishing an album of pop weirdness that Bar/None Records plans to release
later this year. To commemorate this weekend’s Carmageddon freeway
closure, the label sent out a preview in the form of “Sig Alert”, a love
song from a war-torn alternate universe in which California’s
infrastructure has fallen victim to insurgent bombing campaigns,
radioactive dust clouds, and hordes of religious extremist refugees with
chronic immune disorders. Cheer up, L.A., it could be

Here’s the video clip for the ditty:

Here’s de lyrics:

“Sig Alert”

We deployed in annoying cloying defenseless staggering hordes.
We advanced unencumbered and free.
We ran out of grenades.
All the lamps on the 405 were knocked out.
It was freezing and no one could see.
Hold up! Hold up! Our rent’s not paid,
and all Westwood’s on lockdown.
The med center generator’s out.
There’s no honor in striking the wind.
Blowing isotopes on the harbor freeway to win the short-term fight
would form counter-productive debris.

“Hold up!” the congregation sang.
“Revival! Hosanna!
We have no systems left to shock,
and we’re awestruck!
Raise your hands, because there’s hope
that we’ll hold them back at La Brea
where we can cope with an influx of new refugees from the war!”

Hold up! Hold up!
Alarming ping and aplastic anemia
held your shoulders down.
Your girlfriend laughs at the tag on your sleeve.


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