Love’s Kitchen (DVD)

There are a number of examples of films that use a non-acting celebrity that end up being some of the worst of all time (Kazaam, for example). However, Love’s Kitchen is a movie that looks to destroy this belief; the inclusion of Gordon Ramsay in the film seems to work well. This is likely because the title does not only revolve around Ramsay; Dougray Scott (Rob) and Claire Forlani (Kate) do a great job in hiding any of Ramsay’s acting weaknesses; the rest of the cast unites to make a compelling set of characters that keep the movie going along at a decent clip.

However, the story that is told in Love’s Kitchen is touching and contains just the right amount of comedy to keep things light and airy. Rob is a widower, eir wife killed in a tragic accident. Unable to get away from eir problems in the city, ey decides that the best course of action is to move to the country and start up another restaurant. In this process, Rob finds a kindred spirit in Kate; eir life takes a tremendously interesting turn after ey is introduced. Where Rob ultimately finds eirself over the course of the movie is utterly fascinating, while viewers will be able to take a barrel load of laughs home by the end of the flick’s 90 minutes.
Screen Media has provided a solid transfer for Love’s Kitchen, ensuring that the different scenery pops perfectly even as the dialogue is rendered as crisp and as clear as it was recorded. There is no reason why an individual should not purchase a copy of Love’s Kitchen if they are a fan of the myriad of Gordon Ramsay films or if they like the romantic comedy genre generally.

Rating: 7.0/10

Love’s Kitchen (DVD) / 2011 Screen Media / 90 Minutes /

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