March Into Paris – Beautiful Chaos (CD)

March Into Paris make the beginning of their “Beautiful Chaos” into an instrument-heavy affair that benefits through the inclusion of a strong female set of vocals. There is not an easy way to compare the band to existing music; there is a fury present to the previously-mentioned vocals that is only matched by the splashing drums and sick guitar lines. “Inside My Heart” may have a little more atmospheric and airy sounds present, but there is the same rapid shift between fair and fury that was first heard during “Inside My Heart”.

The production present during “Beautiful Chaos” deserves some ink; where the resulting compositions could be messy conglomerations of vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, this production makes for some brilliant music. “Inside My Heart” feels like some sort of marriage between Paramore and Nighthawk, even as a bit of Rancid-influenced bass ratchets up the track that much more. “Into The Ground” has a more slinky and heavy sound than many of the tracks on “Beautiful Chaos”, but the band is talented enough to keep the same catchiness present in their track. The brooding nature of “Into The Ground” showcases the fact that the band wears their emotions on their sleeves, while the drumming highlights and properly bolsters the vocals at all of the right points.

“No Response (Make My Day)” has March Into Paris traipse into the domain of acts like Coheed and Cambria; I feel that the vocals here have even more of a dynamism than Claudio’s while the band seems to have a more laser focus than anything that was present on “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”. March Into Paris is an act that comes forth tremendously in a studio format, and I have a good feeling in my gut that they would absolutely be able to tear the house down at whatever live shows that they play. Check them out at your earliest convenience.

Top Tracks: No Response (Make My Day), Panic Room

Rating: 8.3/10

March Into Paris – Beautiful Chaos (CD) / 2011 Self / 7 Tracks /

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