NATURAL SELF: US Gigs and Free Track

To celebrate coming to America, Nathaniel is offering a giveaway to his “Rolling In The Deep” remix. Here is what he has to say about the track…

“In spite of my very low tolerance threshhold for all things corny, I actually quite like John Legend. On the rare occasions he is weaned off the cheese, he sounds great. So when I came across his a capella version of the Adele song, I couldn’t resist. It was crying out for it. I know, I know, every fool has been doing a remix of one or other version and that can get a little tiring, but whatever, I wanted to do it so I did. It will probably be the last free thing I do for a while as I really have to attend to the more serious business of finishing my album.”

Listen/Download “Rolling In The Deep” (Natural Self Remix)

July 9th: Eighteenth St. Lounge – D.C. INFO
July 22nd: theLift w/ King Britt- SF INFO
July 23rd: theLift w/ King Britt – LA INFO

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