Silverstein – Rescue (CD)

Silverstein has been around for a number of years, but is not a band that has ever been content on sitting on their laurels. Rather, the band’s latest effort is perfect testament to the fact that they continually wish to modify, update, and otherwise evolve their sound. From the opening strains of the album’s first track “Medication”, the band’s nuanced arrangements and bold guitar and drum swaths show this.

“Good Luck With Your Lives” contains the same intense instrumental compositions but acts as a pinnacle for the band. This is due to the fact that the emotional content is so raw and rough, all the while still approaching topics and overall tones that all will be able to understand. It is during “Good Luck” that I feel that the band properly gets their footing. This continues nicely during “Artist, The”, a cut that seems to be a thinly-veiled confessional about the difficulties found on the road, in the studio, and as a member of a band. Later tracks off of “Rescue”, such as “Replace You” add considerably to the album’s overall feel. “Replace You” opens up to reveal a much different constellation of influences, one that does not have an equal on the rest of the album.

Make sure to check out the latter half of “Rescue”. This is due to the inclusion of a number of acoustic and other demo tracks that will further showcase the inner workings of the creative process. Make it a point to pick up “Rescue” if you have been a fan of the act, check out the rest of the band’s discography if you have not already, and see whether they are coming to a town near you in the months to come.

Top Tracks: Good Luck With Your Lives, Forget Your Heart

Rating: 7.9/10

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