SHSTL is gearing up for a fall tour, and I’m looking for some sites who might like to host a review or interview with the boys! Ryan and Will make for great interviewing, and they’re charming as hell. Theyd be a great addition to any site that loves DIY extreme music.

Ryan Fontana, the guitarist is a fucking marvel to behold, and he’s funnier than shit and will charm your pants off (literally). Will Armacost is the drummer, a position at which he slays, in addition to being a handsome lady-killer. Mario and Aaron, vocals and bass, respectively, hold their own. I wish Mario would have a more frenetic live show, but he’s a rad (RAD) vocalist otherwise. Aaron is great on bass and I’ve seen him take a wicked head-first dive from a 5 foot stage into a concrete floor in his yellow ass tighty-whities.

They live like modern day pirates, die to thrash, and thrash til they die.

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Author: James McQuiston

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