The Lincoln Lawyer (DVD)

Matthew McConaughey may have just found his ticket out of the romantic comedy ghetto.

Lincoln Lawyer, based on the wildly popular Michael Connelly novels, centers around the somewhat sleazy defense attorney Mickey Haller who works out of his Lincoln Continental (get it?). Don’t worry, Haller (played deftly by McConaughey) is a loving dad, gets along great with his ex-wife and has just the right amount of charm to make you overlook his clients and somewhat questionable tactics – sort of a good guy with a lot of scars.

In what could potentially be the first of many Mickey Haller movies (Connolly has given them plenty of material to work with), Lincoln Lawyer finds McConaughey defending a rich kid – played with plenty of smarm by Ryan Phillippe – charged with brutally attacking a prostitute. Crammed with twists, the story ends up being far more than the typical Hollywood paint-by-numbers courtroom thriller, thanks in great part to the supporting cast (including William H. Macy, Marisa Tomei and Brian Cranston). But there’s no doubt this is McConaughey’s movie and he turns in a fantastic performance – his best in a long time.

Perhaps The Lincoln Lawyer marks the last time he has to star in a goofy, predicable comedy alongside Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Garner or any other go-to actress playing the put upon girlfriend who finally forces McConaughey to give up the playboy life.
The Lincoln Lawyer/119 Mins./Lionsgate/2011

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