Eric Church – Chief (CD)

Country music has been continually changing and evolving over the course of the last few years. What was fairly constant and static up until the mid-nineties began to change at a rapid clip during the last decade. Eric Church is looking to provide another path in which country can go with eir latest album, “Chief”. “Creepin’” is the first track on “Chief”, and it immediately provides listeners with a bold and confident bit of country that adds hints of rock and pop to the equation.

Rather than immediately falling into a rut, Church is able to change things up with the follow-up, “Drink in my Hand”. Modifying the classic country drinking song for the current period, there is no reason that listeners should not be singing along to the track after a few listens. Church’s run continues nicely with “Like Jesus Does”, a track that showcases the interplay between life, religion, and overall spirituality.

“Chief” is an impressive album in that it comes forth and showcases different facets of Church, until by the end of “Over When It’s Over” when listeners have a good sense of who Church is and what ey does. Along the way, tracks like “I’m Gettin’ Stoned” and “Jack Daniels” showcase a party aspect that will appease fans of singers like Jimmy Buffett. There is no doubt in my mind that Church will be in the country music scene for many years to come, and “Chief” is one of many albums to come that will flesh out Church’s mythos. If you are a fan of current country, there is no reason that you should not check out some of Church’s music.

Top Tracks: Drink In My Hand, Hungover& Hard Up

Rating: 7.9/10

Eric Church – Chief (CD) / 2011 Capitol / 11 Tracks /

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