We were able to provide coverage of a fitness-based top a few days back, but wanted to give the ASICS ARD shorts some coverage. Simply put, they represent the perfect bottom for any woman that wishes to exert eirself. Whether biking, running, or working out, the ASICS ARD Shorts possess significant benefits over other products that are on the market. The first thing that benefits purchasers has to be the pockets that are present.

Where there are a number of bottoms, either in terms of shorts, capris, or pants that completely ignore pockets, the ASICS ARD Shorts allow for individuals to stick in a sweat rag, ID, or anything else that may be needed to be held. The length of the shorts is perfect as well; no matter how much one may exert themselves, there is no sense that one is baring everything to the world. On the flip side of that, the shorts are not long or baggy enough to create any problems during specific workouts (squats and biking, to name two).

The color of the shorts – black with green and blue highlights – is general enough to make pretty much any top work out. Finally, the price of the ASICS ARD Shorts is small enough (MSRP is about $48) that anyone can pick up a pair without breaking the bank. What results with these shorts is something close to perfect; the shorts will last dutifully over the course of a few years, no matter how intense one may get with their workouts. The cut and styling of these shorts is smart enough that there is not a sense that they will become dated over the course of a few years. If you would like a good pair of shorts that will serve you well no matter what exercises you get into, check out the ASICS ARD Shorts.

Rating: 8.6/10

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