Blitz (Blu-Ray)

Jason Statham is rapidly becoming one of the best action actors currently on the market. Blitz is a film that firmly solidifies this, as it is a non-stop tour de force that will provide viewers with a tremendous amount of chills. The quality of the video on the Blu-Ray is simply stunning; with the right television, one will feel as if they are watching Blitz at the movie theatre. Blitz is a film that pits Statham’s police character against a serial killer whose predilection is towards other police offers. The cast is filled out with the inclusion of Aiden Gillean from The Wire and Paddy Considine from The Bourne Ultimatum; the final fight between Blitz and Statham’s lead is interesting and compelling all while skirting conventionality throughout the entirety of the film’s runtime.

The different features that are present on the Blitz Blu-Ray beyond the film are numerous and will give viewers a much higher amount of replay value. This means that there is the original UK theatrical trailer, which is fun but truly does pale in comparison to the interviews that are conducted with the cast and crew that worked on the film. This half-hour of interviews gives viewers an intimate look into the creative process, and will properly contextualize some of the events that occur during the film. This context is further established with the final featurette, which gives viewers a look behind the camera. What results with this bundle of featurettes is something that is decidedly more intense in scope than is normally present on a Blu-Ray release. Kudos to MMS for creating such a compelling Blu-Ray release – here is to hoping that their other titles are able to have the same sort of materials present.

Rating: 8.3/10

Blitz (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Millennium Media Services / 97 Minutes /

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