Captain America (DVD)

This 1992 version of Cap has been provided for the first time by MGM; individuals that wish to see how the comic was envisioned by early nineties filmmakers would do well to search out a copy of this release. The film will ultimately be seen by a wider segment of fans than it would have been; I believe that the over the top nature of the film will bring a large number of viewers. While the current version of Captain America has eschewed this pulp aspect for a much more serious type of take on the Captain America mythos, fans of the comic will enjoy this. At some point, superhero films are just longer, more animated versions of comics.

While there was much to do about the quality of the film, I found the plot of the film to be nothing different than what was present in the comics at the time. There is a large trend with these superhero movies to desire in them what a twenty or thirty year old wants, but one should remember that these comics are written for children. When one can actually factor this into the equation, the resulting action that occurs during the 1992 version of Captain America is much more solid than was previously thought of.

MGM has found a solid print of the film, which ensures that the video and audio quality is up to par. Here’s to hoping that sales of this DVD are strong enough to continue to release the little bits and pieces of superhero fare that tended to languish during the nineties and into the mid 2000s; Captain America is too much of an interesting thing to pass up.

Rating: 8.6/10

Captain America (DVD) / 2011 MGM / 97 Minutes /

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