Celine Dion Signature (Fragrance)

We are one of the lucky few magazines that have been granted access to the new Celine Dion fragrance, Signature. I believe that it will be one of the best sellers in the fragrance area through the holiday season and well into next year. While Celine Dion may not be a strong force in current popular music, there is no denying that ey is one of the biggest musicians that is currently performing. In much the same way that ey is larger than life, the profile of Celine Dion Signature will have individuals turning their heads. This is because there is a positively inspired blend of fragrances that are present at all points during a Celine Dion Signature experience.

At the beginning whiffs of the fragrance, individuals will take in mainly floral and fruit-based hints. This means that there is apple and guava alongside Mimosa, something that rapidly switches up to be much more floral and herbal than anything. As one is walking away, or they get more familiar with the fragrance, what will be present is a little bit of sandalwood and even a bit of musk. This full-bodied fragrance is still light enough to work well at any occasion, with the individual wearing and doing practically anything. It is an eclectic perfume that accepts whatever one throws at it; the Signature is just as dynamic as Dion eirself.

The Celine Dion fragrance house has been a major force in North American fragrances for nearly a decade, and it is invigorating to see such a storied band create a unique and impressive perfume like Celine Dion Signature. Make it a day and go to your local perfume counter and see exactly what everyone is on about with this effort.

Rating: 8.5/10

Celine Dion Signature (Fragrance) / Coty Inc / http://www.coty.com

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