Dickies Women’s 13” Slim Denim Short

These shorts will do an individual fine through the course of a couple years, rather than through a season or less. This is due to the fact that Dickies has made these shorts rough and tumble, using a solid grade of denim and good stitch work. These shorts will not go out of fashion, either – they have a medium cut that is able to accentuate all sides without hanging in an odd fashion. While present on many shorts, the five-pocket design of the 13” Slim Denim Short ensures that one can fit keys, a wallet, a phone or any one of many other objects in.

Individuals that are interested in purchasing a pair of the shorts do have two color options, while the price point of these shorts (at $30 or under) should allow them to purchase some tops or other items from the Dickies store. After a few solid months of wearing the shorts, I am pleased to report that they have stood up admirably to wear and practically anything else that I could throw at them.

The contoured waistband of the shorts is perfect for those that have higher amounts of activity (running, hiking), and will not gap up or otherwise annoy no matter how long they are worn. Autumn is coming up, so wear these shorts whenever you can. After that, I am fairly sure that Dickies will have a different set of long pants and jeans to choose from – start saving today and you’ll have a great set for a small amount of money.

Rating: 9.0/10

Dickies Women’s 13” Slim Denim Short / http://www.dickies.com

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