Fringe: The Complete Third Season (Blu-Ray)

The quality of the footage on this Blu-Ray set is impressive, giving viewers the chance to watch each episode of Fringe in a way that (for me, at least) goes beyond even the original airing of the shows. This is due to the fact that viewers are provided with the HD airing of each episode without being forced to watch (or skip over) the numerous commercials that are omnipresent. Furthermore, there are a wide array of additional features that will further increase the value that viewers will gain from this Blu-Ray set. This means that there are promotional videos that viewers can watch, but also a gag reel that will break the fourth wall and showcase exactly how funny the cast and crew can get.

For my money, I feel that the discussion that is present on this Blu-Ray set about the creation of mood music and noises (“Constructing an Extra-Sensory Soundscape”) is perhaps the most interesting found here. The commentaries that are present on this Blu-Ray set are also interesting; the discussion that is had about the events that occur during “The Plateau” will provide viewers with a different semblance of the important events and what the producers wished individuals to see.

Make sure to catch up on the events of this third season of Fringe, as the fourth season is slated to begin airing on September 23rd; there is a lot of material here, but I believe that a viewer can get through it all before this new season opens up. Make sure to purchase it at your local megastore or any online retailer – pretty much anyone that sells Blu-Rays will have a copy which you can sink your teeth into.

Rating: 8.5/10

Fringe: The Complete Third Season (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / 1012 Minutes /

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