Henry’s Crime (Blu-Ray)

Martin Venville (from 44 Inch Chest) directs Henry’s Crime, which is a film with tremendous indie cred and a cast to back up this. Keanu Reeves, James Caan, and Fisher Stevens make this film into a tremendously interesting watch; Henry’s Crime is about the tension between the easy score and the honest job. Where it would be easy enough to commit one big crime – a bank heist, for example – Henry (Reeves) decides ultimately to put in the hard work and try for the hand of Julie (Vera Farmiga).

The plot of Henrys Crime just seems cut from different cloth than other films that are currently on the market; there just seems to be multiple layers of desire that take place in Henry’s head that do not always make themselves clear to the film’s viewers. While each of the other actors in the films have their own desire and motivations, I feel that Henry’s Crime is more of a one-person act than anything. To elaborate on that, viewers are given a tremendous amount of insight into Henry’s actions, but Max (Caan), Eddie (Stevens) and even Frank (Bill Duke) seem to be mere props to aid or hinder Henry.

I even feel that this line of reasoning can be expanded to the role of Julie, and it is this unique twist that makes Henry’s Crime such an interesting movie. The title may not have done well in movie theatres, but I believe that Fox’s release of the movie on Blu-Ray will allow a much wider audience to go and properly understand and enjoy the title. I believe that Henry’s Crime may just be one of the best films released to video so far this year; check it out.

Rating: 8.1/10

Henry’s Crime (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / http://www.fox.com

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