Acclaimed family music duo Renee & Jeremy, who have been the toast of the toddler set since the release of their 2007 debut album “It’s A Big World,” announced today that they have released a holiday single entitled “Sunny Christmas” which ships to radio this week and will soon be at online retail outlets everywhere.


“Sunny Christmas” can be streamed here:

A warm and bouncy holiday message that entreats music fans to spread love and appreciation to everyone in their lives, “Sunny Christmas” features the cheery vocals of Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback, who are both parents in addition to being accomplished veteran solo artists.

Renee has released a couple of successful albums, including the well reviewed Hopeful Romantic. Jeremy is well known for his own solo work, as well as a member of the alternative group Brad with Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard. Jeremy also currently fronts the L.A.-based rock band Chop Love Carry Fire which has a fervent local following.

Renee & Jeremy came onto the kid’s music scene in 2007 and quickly gained an international following after their animated video for “It’s A Big World” went viral. To date more than a million kids and their parents have watched the clip. This spring the duo released another animated clip for the track “Share,” from their much adored C’mon album.

Mothering Magazine gushed over C’mon saying “its upbeat tempos, lush harmonies and lyrics that capture the tenderness of a family’ heart.” AOL’s Parent Dish said “as grown-up-friendly as they are, Renee & Jeremy’s riffy guitars and sweetly smooth vocals make their songs just as enjoyable to kids who are not yet old enough to realize that LMNO isn’t one letter…these songs are for everybody.”

Now, with “Sunny Christmas,” the first holiday track they have ever released to radio, Renee & Jeremy are spreading their own special brand of holiday cheer to their fans both young and old.

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