Frat House Massacre (DVD)

Very few horror films are scary or otherwise interesting anymore. If they are not remakes of older American or foreign horror films, the production values of a great many of these films are just too low to provide an immersive experience. I have faith in the horror genre with the release of a new title – Frat House Massacre.

Where males in film are traditionally seen as those that are in control of their emotions, the horrible things that happen to the members of the fraternity showcases the fact that even men cry. Setting the film in 1979 is another great twist – there is an insistence by cast and crew alike to make a fully immersive experience with Frat House Massacre. Who is doing these horrible things, and how will they ultimately be dealt with is the crux of the film; the resolution of Frat House Massacre is as far distinct from the typical horror effort that viewers will legitimately be shocked by it.

Finally, there are some extra inclusions in the DVD release of Frat House Massacre that further differentiate this title from the masses of other horror movies that are on the shelves. These extra features include another 20 minutes of cut footage; taken all together, it provides further context for the actions that take place in the movie. The look into the director’s chair perhaps is the most interesting inclusion – viewers will see exactly how much work was put into creating Frat House Massacre. Synapse Films has a great title in their libraries now; anyone that fancies themselves to be a fan of horror movies should take out all of the stops to ensure that they grab a copy of the film.

Rating: 8.5/10

Frat House Massacre (DVD) / 2011 Synapse Films / 116 Minutes /

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