Good Neighbors (Blu-Ray)

Good Neighbors is a great horror movie that will have viewers wondering throughout the entirety of the title. Where a city is driven into frenzy by a string of murders, a few neighbors attempt to understand what could lead to such gruesome acts. Louise (Emily Hampshire) and Spencer (Scott Speedman) are joined in the neighborhood by (Victor) Jay Baruchel.

As the film goes on, viewers will be chomping at the bit to determine why the murders are happening, and whether one of the film’s main character was the savage behind it. However, no one person seems to be fully innocent – everyone exists in shades of grey. The choice of Montreal as the neighbors’ home city is an interesting one and really colors the film in a way that placing it in Chicago or New York simply cannot do. The plot will have viewers on the edges of their seats throughout; as the narrative continues, one will have to honestly look deep into eir psyche and see if their motivations and desires correspond in any way to those of the main characters. Good Neighbors may be a film done on the cheap, but it will provide viewers with a tremendously interesting time.

Psychological horror films that are done right are such a rare occurrence that a flick like Good Neighbors should immediately be snatched up. The choice of lighting and of overall motivation for these leads makes this into a set of actions that could conceivably happen in a way that viewers could transfer over to their city or town. Check out Good Neighbors for a great popcorn flick or for a solid end to a night.

Rating: 7.1/10

Good Neighbors (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Magnolia Home Entertainment / 99 Minutes /

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