Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Season 1, Volume 1 (DVD Set)

Based on Peter Pan, Jake and The Never Land Pirates may just be Disney’s hottest current property. There are twenty aired shows at this point, and this DVD set contains the first seven episodes. Children in the 5-10 age group will be able to easily identify with the characters – Izzy and Jake put forth solid values and will have viewers of all age groups focused on in. There is a decidedly fantasy element to the various episodes that is moored in current morality; one will be captivated even as they are being shown the proper way to act with friends and strangers. The two parts to each episode do not allow Jake and The Never Land Pirates to bog down; stories are quick and to the point each time out.

Along with the first half of the first season, Disney has further increased the value present in this DVD set with the inclusion of a few additional featurettes. This means that there is a karaoke feature (the Pirate-Oke Sing Along), an additional audio CD that captures a number of the songs played during the show, an eye patch cut specifically for viewers’ eyes, and a set of music videos that will allow viewers to go quickly to their favorite parts of the show.

Strong sales of this DVD will ensure that Jake and The Never Land Pirates gets a proper send-off whenever the cast and crew decide to sail off. “Captain’s Hook Parrot” was aired a few weeks back; make sure to pick up this DVD if you would like to catch up with the show up to a certain point – online retailers may just be your best bet.

Rating: 8.1/10

Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Season 1, Volume 1 (DVD Set) / 2011 Disney / 160 Minutes / http://www.disney.com

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