Le Beau Serge (Blu-Ray)

Le Beau Serge is one of the earliest films that was released under the French New Wave; Chabrol’s initial title focuses on a theology student making it back to eir old haunts. During Le Beau Serge, the student is able to make inroads with one of eir old friends. The dynamic between the two is explored at length, with the crucial points of Le Beau Serge focused on the current and past friendship of the two. The tie between knowledge and ignorance, sobriety and alcoholism is showcased perfectly in a smart dichotomy. Director Claude Chabrol has looked deeply into the spirit of humanity and has created a film that speaks well to the period in which ey created it but to the current period as well. Criterion has restored the classic Le Beau Serge; the soundtrack has been key of these upgrades, with a lush and vibrant score that is present throughout the film’s run time.

As is always the case with Criterion releases, there are a number of bonus features for viewers to indulge themselves in. This means that there is an audio commentary from Guy Austin that provides an additional amount of context to a viewer’s Le Beau Serge experience, while there is a physical booklet that allows Terrence Rafferty ample opportunity to showcase the impact that the film has had on viewers over the course of the last 52 years. Finally, for those that have seen Le Beau Serge before, the subtitles have been re-crafted to showcase a better sense of what Chabrol originally intended with the film. Criterion has created a solid release in this Blu-Ray; fans of the French New Wave movement should search out a copy of this Blu-Ray today.

Rating: 9.3/10

Le Beau Serge (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Criterion / 94 Minutes /http://www.criterion.com

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