Lucky (Blu-Ray)

Lucky is a film that has an interesting premise. A childhood friend and current gold digger (Ari Graynor) marries an individual that has just won the lottery (Colin Hanks). Marrying eir for all of the wrong reasons, it gradually comes into view that the lottery winner is much more dark than previously thought. As a result, this significant other is forced to do increasingly illegal actions just to make sure that they continue reaping the benefits of the lottery win. For those expecting a slapstick comedy out of Lucky, don’t; this title is much more of a dark comedy a la Heathers than anything. The situations that occur in the film are humorous, but there is a much more heady look into the human psyche than anything.

Lucky is a film that will be a cult classic in twenty years; the unconventional tack taken by the title is so off of the wall that it becomes hard to pigeonhole it into a set of genres. The acting is solid; Lucky calls back to an earlier play tradition in that the multiple motivations held by each of the main characters just smack of those in a Shakesphere or Greek play. It is this traditional feeling that makes me such a large fan of the film – one could conceivably cut the scenery down to fit on a stage and have a solid play.

The Blu-Ray version of Lucky will undoubtedly benefit anyone that purchases it – the video quality is substantially better on the Blu-Ray version than the DVD, while I feel as if the audio quality is more crisp and clear than the Amaray counterpart. Online retailers are currently selling the Blu-Ray of Lucky cheaply (under $20).

Rating: 7.4/10

Lucky (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Phase 4 Films / 103 Minutes /

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