Madso’s War (DVD)

Madso’s War is one dark film. The gritty reality that is presented here is something that marks all sides of the film, from the different scenery used to the motivations of each of the actors. Set in Beantown, it is not soon after the film opens that the head of the mafia disappears. This leaves all underlings searching for their way up the ladder; despite court proceedings being just around the corner, there is no lack in violence or coercive tactics that are implemented by the remnants of the gang.

Michael Madsen takes the lead role in this film, being a middle-level boss that is trying to ensure eir own way up the latter while fighting off any contenders to eir own spot. In terms of the cinematography, the use of split-screen techniques (think the first modern Hulk movie) allows viewers to easily compare the actions taken by different members of the mafia. The current period in which this film is created allows for a solid rock lineup to compromise the soundtrack – fans of most current hard rock iterations will easily be amped up by the collection of tracks that are present here.

Madso’s War may not have gotten the publicity it needed when the film was originally wrapped up, but I feel that anyone that finds themselves to be a fan of mob movies will love the title. Madsen is able to turn everything up to 11, and while one copuld easily make it into self-parody, Madsen is able to keep this fury in check and really instill fear into viewers. Make sure to go to your local well-stocked video store or favorite online retailer to pick up a copy of this DVD at your first convenience.

Rating: 7.7/10

Madso’s War (DVD) / 2011 MGM / 84 Minutes /

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