Scale Model – Self/Titled EP (CD)

Starting out their EP with “Scale Model”, Megan’s vocals really give off a Yeah Yeah Yeahs feel, and the backing instruments really give the disc an earlier nineties feel. For a slipcase and CDr type of disc, the recording on this demo is astounding – each individual element of Scale Model comes through as clear as day. This really benefits the thick, sinewy bass lines of Joe’s as much as the fluttery guitars of Megan and Dave. Each cut on the disc is ready for alternative radio; “Big Ideas” using eighties, Cure-esque guitars and Cranberries-esque vocals to create the ultimate in a brooding atmosphere. Just as quickly as the disc starts, it ends with the slower-paced “The Fix, using emotive drum lines to provide a second line which Megan’s vocals play off of. However, the most affect point of the entire disc comes during the guitar/organ interplay during the bridge. Just hearing Dave’s organ work its way through the guitar lines really makes the song ,if not the disc. The stutter-step that Andy has on “The Fix”, whether intention is key in transferring a sense of humanity that is not necessarily purveyed at all times during this EP.

The powerful vocals that Megan pouts forth on this disc were really the only way that Scale Model could have went. Every other pieces of instrumentation is so assured and confident that to have a more timid singer would almost be the equivalent to having no singer at all – the instruments would simply dwarf this other singer. During moments of the disc (towards the ending of “Pop Star”, for example), Megan’s vocals move from the realm of pedestrian peddling of words to that of instrument. This versatility with vocals really puts Megan amongst the best singers of all time. Few can actually be convincing in just their normal occupation, but to take on two instruments (voice and guitar) and do them well is something that is unheard of. The band is ready for the big time, and while the disc is under 14 minutes, I feel that anyone that listens will have a good idea about the band. Keep checking for this band on your local airwaves, and keeps eyes peeled for a full-length which should be coming in the near future. Scale Model is a band that will win over listeners through its talented, genre and era-bending approach, and hopefully this is not the last we will hear from them.

Top Track: The Fix

Rating: 6.8/10

Scale Model – Self/Titled EP / 2004 Self-Released / 3 Tracks / / / Reviewed 01 April 2005

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