Tony Desimone – The Second Time Around (CD)

Tony Desimone is an artist that wishes to establish himself as being one of the major forces of Americana rock. By taking on bits and hints of John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, and even newer acts like Third Eye Blind and Matt Nathanson, what results on The Second Time Around is something that bleeds red, white and blue. This does not mean that Desimone saturates everything with Old Glory, but rather cherishes the distinct musical styles that were fostered in the United States, and inserts them into each of the tracks on the album. California is the perfect example of this; hints of Phantom Planet come forth with the alluring vocals front and center, even as the guitars approach that of a Richie Sambora, one can hear Desimone’s unique qualities bursting through.

Once In A Lifetime showcases the slower sides of Desimone’s skill; I believe that the emotive guitar line that starts out the track crosses over the pond and takes a passing glance at U2; the lyrical content moves beyond the typically-vapid fare that is present on popular radio and contains concepts and feelings that will immutably change anyone that may be lucky enough to listen in. Two Steps Back To You is a track that crosses over from the rock stylings that are present on much of The Second Time Around and straddles the line between soul, country, and pop music.

The track defies genre convention even as it appeases anyone that is fans of these styles; Desimone’s vocals add the perfect bit of icing on the top of this composition. Hitting on all cylinders throughout the entirety of The Second Time Around, Desimone hits a high with River Mercy. Whether it be the crunchy guitars at the bottom of the track or the vocals that flitter above the composition, Desimone wishes to get all involved through the creation of earnest and honest music. If you thing popular music has lost its way, buy a copy of The Second Time Around and see if your opinion has not been changed.

Top Tracks: Going To California, Mississippi

Rating: 8.0/10

Tony Desimone – The Second Time Around (CD) / 2011 Self /

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